Engine Coolant Services, Auckland Region in Kumeu, Auckland for sale


Engine Coolant Services focuses on the cooling system because we believe that not enough attention is given to it. We have seen a number of engine failures come through as a result of the system not being properly checked over. Issues due to incorrect coolant and dilution are quite prevalent in the industry and with greater demands of engines today greater care needs to be given, particular to EGR engines.
ECS can check over your engine and bring a report back of coolant system conditions.
ECS can test your coolant and check system components. And if needed we can look at flushing and then replenishing the system with a high grade coolant.
The flush is imperative prior to replenishment because of the deposits left behind from the old coolant also general debris from engine components and external contamination. They can lead to hot spots and cavitation. Please call (09) 412-7962
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Cooling System Flush
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